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TUNGSRAM SLBt - street luminaire

Introducing Tungsram’s latest LED road and street luminaire, the SLBt, which makes the advantages of outdoor LED lighting available for everyone, even those on tight budgets.

Designed to replace 35-100W HID and 24-36W CFL lights, the SLBt is a great LED solution for minor roads, residential streets and other public areas where modest levels of illumination are required.

TUNGSRAM SMBt - street luminaire

Introducing Tungsram’s brand new LED roadway lighting, which makes all the advantages of LED lighting available for a wide audience. Designed to replace 35-150W HID lights, the SMBt is a great LED solution for minor roads, residential streets and other public areas where modest level of illumination are required.

TUNGSRAM Spinella - roadway fixture

Introducing Spinella, Tungsram’s single and multiple module roadway luminaires. From residential streets to highways, the Spinella fixture is changing the way you light your roads. Developed and produced in EMEA, Tungsram balances the technical needs of a sophisticated LED system with the functional demands of a reliable outdoor luminaire for all weather conditions, while offering a platform for controls and intelligence.

OMS DALYA M - street fixture

Luminaire for outdoor lighting with wide variability of parameters and choice of optics, according to the customer's need to set the luminous flux, color of light from 2700K up to 6500K. It also allows a variantion with IoT node for SMART lighting.

TUNGSRAM Navona - outdoor fixture

Navona is a LED solution to replace traditional ilghts in parks, pedestrian areas, city centers. Timeless design combines the aesthetic with the optimal optical distribution, providing several lumen packages with symmetrical and asymmetrical distribution and a power range from 16W to 72W to meet a wide range of lighting scenarios. Navona offers a major increase in both vertical and horizontal uniformity. Combined with the high chromatic reproduction contributed by LED technology (white light), this uniform quality facilitates face recognition and visual comfort. Its advanced optical design enables the light to be directed specifically where it is needed.

TUNGSRAM ALIx - industrial luminaire

The ALIx LED outdoor luminaire delivers outstanding features, style and attractive form factor. This latest design offers excellent efficacy even at higher lumen outputs to meet a wide range of area lighting needs. Using reflective optic technology, Tungsram offers superior horizontal and vertical illuminance with high uniformity, while minimizing glare as fixture lumens increase. This system delivers unusually low perceived glare when viewed from beneath the fixture near nadir. The ALIx provides reduced energy consumption, combined with a long rated life that virtually eliminates ongoing maintenance expenses, enabling significant operating cost benefits over the life of each fixture.