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Lighting of industrial halls

Industrial halls can be illuminated by a really large number of luminaires and control systems. It is always a need to find the right solution design, well count and don't forget for anything. Mechanical resistance? Temperature? Illumination? Surface Reflectivity? Light barriers? Electrical System Options? Dustiness? Humidity? Number of hours of lighting per year? The price of electricity? Investment Options? Estimated time of operation (rent for 3 years, 5 years, own property, planned reconstruction ...)? All this and much more has to be taken on mind and find the right solution for you. We are here for you and we have more than 100 halls happily shining.

Warehouses and logistics

Warehouses and logistics spaces can be illuminated differently. We must not forget anything in the processing of quality lighting solutions and design everything as efficiently as possible, as well as everything to manage in time and according to external lighting and space. In addition, LED sources have one big benefit as the only light source. Dimming does not shorten the lifespan but extends it. Because they are electrode-free, the LEDs do not aging by turning it on and off.

Company areas, car parks and parks

Lifetime, maximum efficiency, saving, access to the environment, design, running costs, resistance, safety and much more. All this has to be solved with a high-quality design of lighting of company premises, parks and parking lots. Is it necessary to deal with the monitoring of parking places, security or lighting combine with the source of photovoltaic panels? We are the right partners for your solution.

Smart industry

Smart Industry, Industry 4.0 are topics and concepts of recent years. For everything works well together, have quality overwiev and whole process has maximum efficency and safety, here comes hundreds of solutions with complete connection. Three essential conditions are needed to link the functionalities together. Electricity, data network and appropriate location. The lighting system fulfills att the best, most evenly and inexpensively in regular raster or distances is artificial lighting everywhere. It is easy and cheap to connect, and It's always installed at the location where the subscriber and user do not reach. This can be easily secured and individual peripherals and functionality prepare well. Contact us and we will devise and design the right solution for you.

Greenhouses, stables and other agro

Plants and animals are as sensitive as humans. Millions of years the nature have been evolved here, and now that we are industrially producing it in our large-scale growing rooms and large-scale farms, we have no choice but to find the most effective and natural light that suits them. A human may appreciate shining on plants with green color, but the plant itself reflects all the green spectrum away.That is why it is also called "greenery". Each plant responds differently to the blue and red light components. Grow? Flower? AGRO is simply another independent lighting industry. It is necessary to solve it with specialists who can design everything for you.

Offices and corridors

It is recommended to be lit with sustained illumination at 500lx in offices. However, if you normally spend an entire shift in the office, it is for your concentration, health and good vision to use a lighting system where 500lx is everywhere and 1000lx ideally on a desk or other visual task site. You need to ensure maximum uniformity, minimal glare and reflections on monitors and other imaging units, and use sources with the highest color rendering index. It is also good to use control systems to maximize efficiency and economy, that respond to the movement and presence of people, or even maintain the illumination combined with daylight coming through windows, skylights and light pipes. This, of course, mainly in corridors, stairs and other communication areas.