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The company, founded in 1837, now employs 600 people. Based in the Northeast of France, it is main factories work cast iron, aluminium, bronze and steel. We also carry out the machining, assembly and finishing operations required on their products.

GHM’s products are mainly intended for:

Public amenities (GHM SA): poles, brackets and luminaires for street lighting, street furniture.
Private customers (Fonte d’Art de Dommartin): fountains, garden furniture and decorative items.

Poles, lamp posts and luminaires
For more than 170 years, GHM SA has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing all possible kinds of light poles. GHM manufactures a wide range of cast iron, steel and aluminium poles in all styles and for all uses: contemporary or classic solutions, decorative or functional applications and tall street lighting installations provide a wide pallet of choice.

Street furniture
For over 170 years, GHM has been designing and selling benches, bollards and posts, fencing, litter bins, planters and drinking fountains in styles ranging from classic to contemporary.
The robust quality of these items and their careful design guarantee that they remain serviceable and unanimously appreciated by city dwellers over long periods of time.

GHM above all is a fantastic creative force, backed by a unique set of design and manufacturing resources. It is history is rich with prestigious projects: Wallace drinking fountains, the lighting on the Champs-Elysées, the Alexandre III bridge, Guimard Paris Metro entrances.

Today first and foremost GHM designs and sells contemporary solutions.

Website Street furniture: https://www.ghm-eclatec.com/products/street-furnitures

Website Poles and brackets: https://www.ghm-eclatec.com/products/poles-brackets

Since it was founded in Lorraine in 1927, ECLATEC has specialised in lighting and it is applications in an urban context.

Life, the town and nature are central to ECLATEC design approach. To this end, the company is constantly investing in it is human, technical and industrial resources, and is continuously adapting it is solutions.
This specific resources are key advantages to anticipate with velocity and utmost attention with regard to market trends and customer requirements. 

Mechanical and photometric design of ces, a large database, a laboratory equipped with specific measuring and test equipment and a prototype department pursue a creative approach.

The company focuses on offering high-quality products, this ethos runs through all phases of production from design, manufacturing and assembly through to end of life, with a high level of recyclability through the use of high-quality materials. The majority of the housing for our luminaires are made of diecast aluminium, guaranteeing that components provide a highly accurate fit. ECLATEC generally has high ingress and impact protection. Maintenance is given priority with the use of interchangeable LED modules.

Strong presence in France: ECLATEC holds a significant market share on its home market through around fifteen regional agencies.

A world presence: We operate in more than 40 countries to develop lighting solutions for better public spaces. Our extensive portfolio of outdoor lighting is developed for the widest range of local applications. ECLATEC is recognised throughout the world as standing for design, quality and reliability. Amsterdam, Budapest, Brussels, Casablanca, Moscow, Stockholm and many other cities in the world.

Website Luminaires: https://www.ghm-eclatec.com/products/luminaire