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Quality lighting is not just about lighting. It is a product that is about the overall solution. But this cannot be done without proper preparation. Focusing, finding parameters, needs, standards, and more, through calculations and simulations and installation to final measurements. All this is almost commonplace for every application.

Delivery of lighting as required

Safe bet - GHM ECLATEC (founded in 1837), We operate in more than 40 countries to develop lighting solutions for better public spaces. Our extensive portfolio of outdoor lighting is developed for the widest range of local applications. ECLATEC is recognised throughout the world as standing for design, quality and reliability. Amsterdam, Budapest, Brussels, Casablanca, Moscow, Stockholm and many other cities in the world.

Pasportization lighting

What does street lighting have the municipality now?

Street lighting pasport is a document that shows the properties, condition, location and other parameters of the current street lighting system. These include power line, switchboards, sensors and control systems. This document mainly informs about columns, booms and luminaires. It is a necessary technical basic not only for the maintenance of this equipment. It is processing and guidance is underpinned by regulations, both by standards and by law.

Generel lighting

What does sort of light classification each section contain? What would be good to change? How?

Lighting projection

Lighting projection and electrical engineering, as well as light-engineering calculations, are other services that are needed when only the luminaire does not change, but a larger part of the system, including power lines, carrier systems, or even the switchboards.

Lighting consultancy

Lm / W, lumen, candela, W / m2, CRI, IP, IK, UGR, LDT, IES, M6 and many others for common users of incomprehensible terms and abbreviations, who should know? We are here for you.

Energy audit or report

Subsidies, own needs or other reasons for setting up an energy audit or a simplified version called an energy report.

Lighting installation, maintenance and service

The installation and service of lighting is the most important thing to entrust to a professional company with a focus or at least to leave someone as a supervision during implementation.

Consultancy and application processing

Applications for grants from the EU and subsidy programs from ministries and regions.

complete client care

Providing full service of lighting related services.

Warranty and post-warranty service

We are facing it !!!

Financing street lighting

Loans? Operating lease? Transferred Management? EPC?

Assessment of offers and projects


Did you get more bids on your lighting, or do you want to check one bid? Although we are a business company, we will compare the offerings of various lighting technology suppliers and reveal what the marketing materials and offers are exaggerated, what is unrealistic and what is good or neglected on the solution.

“Tendering” specific products

According to customer requirements.

I like the lamp ... but I don't know where to buy it. They offer me lighting solutions ... but it seems expensive to me. These are quite common situations that our customers describe to us. We know how to do it and we will be happy to help you with it.

Design and implementation of lighting control

Or specific lighting requirements.

Luminaire for which you do not receive an electricity bill

Do you need to illuminate the place where it is expensive to „bring" electricity?

Illumination measurement

We measure the original or newly realized installations in accordance with the standards for street lighting, outdoor lighting of areas, as well as indoor spaces.