Veka is the new lighting concept of Carandini with an avant-garde design where every detail plays a part. It presents a simple and elegant aesthetic which it integrates perfectly into street lighting applications.

Thanks to the cutting-edge LED technology and to the optics that it incorporates provides a sense of security on the streets and roads at night.

Veka family is certified with IDA mark, awarded by the International Dark Sky Association, which certifies that we comply with their approval programme to provide light that protects the environment and dark skies.


Designed for global needs of sustainability and energy saving. 96% of the materials used in the construction of I-TRON are recyclable.

I-TRON now has the new. Pentha optical engine, even more performing. New aluminum optic with a very pure 99.95% surface finish Class A +.


ITALO, an icon of the lighting sector, now has a completely new design and a new, even more performing and efficient optic.

ITALO is a complete LED series, developed thanks to the latest technological innovations, which guarantees high performance, light quality and Smart connectivity. Furthermore, the high efficiency guarantees significant energy savings compared to traditional luminaires and greater safety on the road. Thanks to the wide choice of optics and various color temperatures, the ITALO series luminaires are suitable for all types of street and urban applications.


Q-DROME is a luminaire with an essential and functional design. The series has been designed for street and urban applications. Q-DROME offers high energy efficiency and it is equipped with modern aluminum optics for excellent visual comfort and safety.


ARYA is the new AEC luminaire for street and urban LED lighting. The product is characterized by a thin, elegant and light design with two brackets that support the body. ARYA assures excellent energy performance results and a comfortable lighting, thanks to its specific optics, designed by the internal AEC Optical Department.


The luminaire PreLED 2G MixColor represents an innovative form of street lighting. Thanks to the built-in ThoMesh module the luminaires can be operated via a mobile phone/tablet. Together with the power setting it is also possible to set the colour temperature change during the night. The luminaire can be mounted on an outreach arm or pole. It is made of aluminum casting and fi tted with toughened glass, designed to allow tool-free access to the luminaire. IP 66 provides high degree of protection ensuring its long service life. The luminaire is highly resistant to inclement weather conditions and tampering by vandals. Positioning articulation of aluminium allows the luminaire to be adjusted within ± 15° in both horizontal and vertical directions.

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