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STANZA was born of a desire to rejuvenate, but without betraying, the silhouette of the 4-sided luminaires of yesteryear. The happy union of the materials gives this luminaire a magic touch that will reveal the charms and secrets of the old cities. And in more modern settings, STANZA hints at the mystery of a city that is familiar and welcoming yet also forward-looking. STANZA is available in both top-mounted and suspended confi gurations, and there are several variants. In its LED version, it comes with a SOMLED 1 module or BLS type LED strips.

Use for: Urban streets, pedestrians, cycle paths, squares

2 types of sources:

  • SOMLED 1 module: colour temperature: 4000 K and 3000 K
  • BLS strips: equipped with BLS with QUADRALENS lenses, colour temperature: PC Amber, 2200 K, 2400 K, 2700 K, 3000 K or 4000 K