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About us

Ekosvětlo s.r.o. (brand LightItSmart) is company which is specialize in lighting systems for industrial and logistics halls, sport fields, street lighting, lighting advertising space, as well as offices and areas with specific requirements.


The company has been providing complex services focusing primarily on environmentally friendly and long-life economical systems since 2009. The company and their partners has sold hundreds of thousands of luminaires and they helped to save hundreds of millions of Czech crowns on energy and service costs their clients. There are various company installations around the world, but the company is focused on mainly the local market.


• Turnkey solution vendor

• Distributor of luminaires, light sources and accessories

• Consulting company

• Provider of installation and lighting services

• The processor solutions for intelligent control of cities and building infrastructure - Smart City

Talkshow: Shines smart! (in Czech language)

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2. partwhat should be the street lighting

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