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complete client care

complete client care

Providing full service of lighting related services.

We understand that everyone should know their specialization. It is impossible, unprofitable and unprofessional if someone tries to understand everything. That is why we repeat what our ancestors said: "A shoemaker should not judge beyond the shoe!" Do you need only to provide the individual street lighting services? Help "only" make tender?

Ekosvětlo s.r.o. (brand LightItSmart) offers you complete lighting services from finding the current condition through analyzing energy performance, safety, compliance standards, suitability of switching circuits and the degree of automation of switching. Then there is an analysis, which tells us whether it is from the point of view of economic, safety and ecological system or individual luminaires exchanged and for what technology and what luminaire - according to the characteristics of light emission. It is all important to keep in the concept of not combining multiple lighting system architectures. That is why we sponsor, control and manage individual parts, together with our internal and external experts, to make it not too expensive for customer.

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