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Pasportization lighting

Pasportization lighting

What does street lighting have the municipality now?

Street lighting pasport is a document that shows the properties, condition, location and other parameters of the current street lighting system. These include power line, switchboards, sensors and control systems. This document mainly informs about columns, booms and luminaires. It is a necessary technical basic not only for the maintenance of this equipment. It is processing and guidance is underpinned by regulations, both by standards and by law.

In standard ČSN 33 2000-1, in article 13N7.2, the electrical equipment documentation states: “To every new one the electrical device must be supplied by the supplier to the extent necessary for the construction documentation, operation, maintenance and inspection of device, as well as the replacement of individual parts of the equipment and further expansion of the equipment. This Documentation must record all changes of electrical equipment against the original documentation that they have on the devices were created before being put into permanent operation ".

In the Building law, § 103 Section 2, reads as follows: "(2) Owners of distribution networks, sewerage systems and others line underground structures and facilities are obliged to keep records of them and to provide them with evidence to them justification of its request, verified data on their location. "

Here are a few reasons why we should think about the issue of lighting:

1. Do we know how many street lighting poles and luminaires we own?
2. How old is the technical equipment and whether it meets the requirements for safe operation?
3. How often do we repair unlit luminaires?
4. Do not make unnecessarily repeated repairs on individual luminaires?
5. How much energy can be saved by appropriate management and operation of the street lightning.
6. Do we have accurate informations about street lightning, from which we can apply for subsidies?
7. Do we have the opportunity to build on the data from previous periods in the next year's budget?

There may be another reasons to have or not to have a pasportization street lightning, but in any case, it is positive that you have even considered the issue of street lighting in the village.
If you are convinced that you do not have an overview of street lighting in your village, we can only recommend it "LET PROCESS THIS BASIC DOCUMENT", then you will have a tool to record street lighting equipment, monitor energy consumption, check repairs, equipment warranty times, monitor the efficiency of street lighting operations and other data related to the operation and maintenance of street lighting, including planning the development of the street lighting system.

For more information on pasporting, visit the SRVO (Public Lighting Development Company) website.

The information was taken from www.srvo.cz

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