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The new generation of Granit, Sylvania's trusted Highbay range has become even more efficient, smarter with SylSmart Connected versions and more reliable with improved microwave Twist & Lock mechanism.

The new generation of the circular and compact Granit Highbay range boosts with higher efficacy of up to 163 lm/W providing clear, bright light quality at the same time. The range has two photometrical distributions and various lumen outputs delivering UGR and uniformity requirements in line with EN 12464. As a result, a Granit Highbay provides light where it is needed, creating a productive working environment with high visual comfort.

Granit is furnished with a wide range of lumen options: customers can choose from 4 different lumen packages and 2 different beam angles with low glare recommended for industrial applications. The range includes 4000K and 6500K versions with SDCM3 as standard.


The tough and intelligent Highbay
Unscheduled maintenance, wasted productivity, avoidable downtime. Why keep it hanging over your head? Turn the concerns hanging over your head into your opportunity for improvements. The improved SylBay range perfectly balances form and functionality. The luminaire benefits from robust design and precision optics, offering solution leading up to UGR<19. The innovative luminaires are SylSmart Connected enabled, and are optimised for high bay racking platforms and manufacturing environments.


Concord Optix is a flagship luminaire family of our office and education portfolio. Combining high performance glare-controlled optics with state of the art highly efficient LEDs and wide variety of control options, Concord Optix offers the perfect lighting solution for office, education and seminar room environments.
The modular deisgn of the optical unit allows for customisation with variants to fit in different ceiling types, match colours and comply with different configurations.
The range offers the possibility to mix and match different versions in a single lighting scheme. The optics of the luminaires are available in two finishing colours to match the aesthetic needs of any application.
In an effort to apppreciate human health and well being, and as a result of the continuous evolution of the range, Concord Optix now brings you a new era in office
lighting by recreating sunlight. Combining the innovation of Sylvania LumiNature with SylSmart technology Concord Optix gives you one of the most natural, artificial lights in human centric lighting. Keeping in mind that modern offices should be connected to both broader business drivers and the people within it, Concord Optix continues to be available with our SylSmart Connected and SylSmart Standalone control options.


Recessed, surface and suspended luminaires RANA LED
Whether you have an office space or educational environment, your colleagues or students require a space that inspires them and allows them to be productive. People are your most valuable asset and as such the lighting you provide will enable them to reach and exceed their goals.
RANA LED range in the form of recessed, surface and suspended luminaires is designed to enhance the quality of light in all types of office and educational environments.
The range symbolises the following motto: illuminate without seeing the light source. To achieve this, the louvre + MicroPrismatic optic of RANA LED offers UGR


Quadro is a unique range of recessed architectural panels with low glare of UGR<16, suitable for lighting applications where comfort light is extremely important.
Quadro is ideal for offices, technical departments, meeting rooms, classrooms and other general indoor lighting applications.
Its peerless design creates a particular setting while it performs high efficacy up to150lm/W.
The range features multipower functionality where the luminous flux of the luminaire can be tailored to local needs during installation by only setting a quick selector switch.
The range includes 600x600, 625x625 and 1200x300 mm modules: Multipower, DALI and SylSmart Standalone enabled versions available for additional comfort and energy saving.


The patented Spectrasol EMBEDDED LED light fixtures illuminate your interior with artificial light with properties close to natural sunlight. Thanks to a balanced spectral composition (SPD) that positively influences the body's circadian rhythms through the non-image-forming (NIF) system of the eyes, you will get biologically optimised full-spectrum lighting that supports overall health, physical and mental vitality and cognitive functions (cognitive performance and endurance, concentration, attention, quick thinking, ability to comprehend information, remember them and recall them from memory) indoors during the day.
Moreover, Spectrasol light fixtures do not emit concentrated energy in the short-wavelength blue part of the light spectrum, the so-called harmful blue light, which increases the risk of macular degeneration. On the contrary, Spectrasol actually regenerates the eyes by emitting energy in the red, photobiomodulating area of the light spectrum, which acts as a compensating factor for harmful blue light with both preventive and therapeutic effect.
Spectrasol lights shine instantly at full power, are resistant to frequent switching, have a long lifetime and suppress the flicker effect. They are also designed to easily replace existing light sources with conventional wiring. There are also biodynamic versions of the light fixtures, equipped with warm white LEDs for evening use in addition to the procognitive LEDs.