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Tungsram company returned to the market in April 2018 as an innovative global brand based in Hungary. Tungsram was purchase of GE Lighting Europe and MEAT together with global auto bulbs business. Exports more than 95% of production and actively sells in more than 100 markets. It is highly productive supply chain, centered around own factories in Hungary and working at the highest level of quality with a network of 1,600 suppliers and partners, which a significant advantage in today competitive environment. Tungsram is represented as a premium European brand with European design, evolution and production in the world market.

The key value for the new company management is INNOVATION ("Innovation is our heritage"). Tungsram company has successfully used the momentary opportunity and grew into a technology leader more than 120 years ago. Tungsram as a whole and the brand played a significant role in the former Eastern Bloc, the company supplied other markets. Now, as revitalized company is ready to invest to timeless technology and develop global markets, when will be strengthening the main business - lighting.

Tungsram has always boasted a local production that meets the highest standards of quality and continues in the tradition with the production of luminaires today and the technological background with name Made in Hungary.

More information about products can be found in the PRODUCTS section or we will send them to you if you contact us at info@ekosvetlo.cz. More about Tungsram and a complete product catalog in English can be found at tungsram.com.

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