Smart companies, production, logistics and warehouses


WorkSys means an innovative and sustainable solution for Smart Industry. Further quality increases, and the broadening and inclusion of new requirements and functions now and in the future allows the continuous following up of current trends in the Industrial sector. The system provides an automatic search for the best solutions. It is possible to create different visualization user approaches for employees on different functions and thus provide only the necessary information (eg production technology department, facility management, top management, logistics, HR, analytical department, security and rescue services, etc.). All you want to monitor or centrally manage can be implemented in a single system. The gap between the device sensors and data networks is filled by an IoT Platform. Such a platform connects the data network to the sensor arrangement and provides insights using back-end applications to make sense of a amount of data generated by hundreds of sensors. The IoT platform is available now to provide the option to deploy Internet of Things applications on the go. The maintenance of the system provides comfortable control by using intuitive operation elements. The WorkSys IoT gateway will easily integrate devices, which are connected to legacy and 3rd party systems plus could be connected to your OPC-UA server or MQTT broker.


Why implement smart technology into your working place?

1. Optimalization and streamlining of production processes
2. Minimalizing the negative human factor
3. Increasing the safety and comfort of employees in the workplace
4. Better use of production capacities and human resources
5. Cost savings through efficient energy saving (water, electricity, gas, heat, etc.).

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