Smart shops


Most of the chain stores owners face problems with their products and services, due to growing competition and customer demands. The questions about where and how to place the goods properly to make them more attractive for the customer and an effort to improve their service — what goods to add to the offer or eliminate the thefts of goods belong to the issues that daily business owners deal with. In terms of overall profitability, cost-effectiveness, easy inventory, smart targeted marketing, better customer service, and true overall security for customers, employees, and the elimination of thefts of goods are among the key indicators of cost savings.

ShopSys is an innovative and effective solution for smart stores where, with the introduction of lighting sensors, we ensure that all necessary requirements are monitored by our customer in a fast and cost effective way.


Why lighting?

  • Uniformly located network in the city
  • Suitable positioning at heights
  • Constant voltage available at 230V
  • Simple administration and maintenance
  • Economical financing through energy saving
  • Smart network by lighting replacement
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