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Smart Info Kiosk

Smart Info Kiosk

Smart Kiosk offers a great amount of information available for citizens. The interactive Kiosk is a computer terminal providing access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment or education. It can be installed within the Smart bus stop or even separately on the street. The Kiosk enables the connection of people with city infrastructure and significantly supports their engagement. Information about the city together with the map and history of the city and streets brings a new perspective for tourism and increased knowledge about the city’s history. Timetables for all public transport lines are commonplace. Travel planning becomes a simple part for effective travelling, and supports the use of public transport as well as reduces the number of vehicles on the streets. The possibility to publish information about offices, schools and hospitals belongs among the other great functionalities of this product. Since it is an information channel accessible to all citizens, even children – setting up accessible and blocked sites is one of the inevitable requirements of the present day. Based on the given requirements, every Kiosk can have various functions set and integrated. Configuring the functions is simple and easily adaptable. The Kiosk may be produced in your own design with technical support, complex IT administration and remote administration.

This product can be used at various places, such as car parks, hotels, restaurants, offices, and hospitals, and it can also serve as an advertising billboard. The city or municipality can collect all the data obtained and analyse them for its further efficient operation.

Main benefits:
• higher civic engagement
• access to digital city services
• interconnected ecosystem of all smart devices in the city
• new source of income from renting advertising space
• quick information about the events in the city: transport services, parking, cultural events, monuments, city map, etc.

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