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Our philosophy is to maintain the track of our development as a modern company that actively sets trends in terms of design, technology, as well as consideration and respect for the environment. OMS puts an emphasis on maximum customer satisfaction by continuously meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. Operative and strategic flexibilities allow us to achieve our goals.

  • Founded: 1995
  • Number of Employees: 750
  • Export: 98%
  • Distribution: 122 countries
  • Area: 92 600 m2

OMS Lighting has risen to become the largest manufacturer of industrial and domestic luminaires in central and Eastern Europe. Founded over 20 years ago, we have established ourselves as a market leading manufacturer of luminaires through our portfolio of brands – OMS and Unolux.

Our goal has always been to offer our customers a first-class product backed by unparalleled service, focused on solving our clients’ illumination challenges.

In order to implement the right lighting solutions for our clients, our team of experts relies on a number of proprietary tools and approaches:

  • LQS and LQS Composer for quality assessment
  • LMS for planning and programming the lighting management system
  • The latest LED technology based on our own R&D

These tools; based on our extensive experience, high-quality products and the most modern technologies, empower OMS to deliver lighting solutions for all types of interior and exterior applications.

OMS is ''a mother'' for the whole new IoT system. CitySys, WorkSys, ShopSys!  These are the SMART systems which, at the moment, none of the people who deal with these topics leave calm. And we are talking again at the level of the whole world. Thanks to these new systems, every village, city and company will surely find their solution to their needs and problems.

See also our IoT website http://iotsys.io/

Luminaire Pages: http://www.omslighting.com/portfolio/

Catalog of luminaires:


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