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TUNGSRAM Integrated Mariner - linear connector luminaire

This fixture has an attractive, neutral aesthetics that makes it suitable for applications in both commercial, residential and industrial environments. It is an energy-efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional fluorescent waterproof fixtures. The integrated mariner offers customers the best mix of value and performance. It has compact size with high lumen output and completely integrable lighting solution for applications with high requirements for luminous intensity and resistance.

OMS GHADA 2 SURFACED - luminaire for industrial halls

This luminaire is designed for industry and production halls. It is the flagship of OMS in this class of luminaires, allowing great variability, and with its performance it can meet customer requirements. This luminaire has one or two electronic boards.

TUNGSRAM ALIx - industrial luminaire

The ALIx LED outdoor luminaire has outstanding features, style and attractive design. This latest design offers excellent efficacy even at higher lumen outputs to meet a wide range of area lighting needs. Using reflective optic technology, Tungsram offers superior horizontal and vertical illuminance with high uniformity, while minimizing glare as fixture lumens increase. This system delivers unusually low perceived glare when viewed from beneath the fixture near nadir. The ALIx provides reduced energy consumption, combined with a long rated life that virtually eliminates ongoing maintenance expenses, enabling significant operating cost benefits over the life of each fixture.


This new IP66 rated LED fixture range offers an exceptional mixture of value and performance for High Bay applications requiring high water and impact resistance. This brand new Tungsram developed range has been upgraded to reach very high efficacy up to 182 lm/W with lumen packages from 10,000 to 30,000 lumens. The range includes wide variety of alternatives for colour temperature, color rendering, beam angle and control systems to fit customer requirements. DALI, IoT and various sensor versions offer individual and grouped fixture control. Designed to replace high watt HID and T5/T8 LFL fixtures

OMS PARIDA - suspended industrial luminaire

The luminaire is designed for industrial areas, easy to assemble and adapt to hang up, can be controlled with DALI lines, the lighting angle is 50 or 90 degrees.

OMS MYAR II - surfaced industrial luminaire

New LED luminaire Myar II designed for lighting sports areas, industrial areas and shops.